Sunday, 18 May 2014

Making Cooler Shit Out of Existing Shit

Some darling items were procured today on an antiquing adventure along the South Shore with my friend S.D. (her: an English floral jug, an ice cream dish, a 'Sweet Honesty' cologne bottle from the 60s shaped like a Volkswagen bus with peace and love decals you apply yourself; me: a cottage-blue antique match holder, a teensy pill tin and a couple of 1920s Parisian postcards.)

Before we left home, I was showing her some of my latest up-cycles or repurposes (or whatever the heck the term is for making cooler shit out of existing shit) and realized I hadn't posted any of them.


I was quite taken with this ol' potato sack, so much so that I had S.B. 
build it a frame and stretched it over. It now hangs on our kitchen wall.
Tacky painting-turned-less-tacky-sign.
S.B.'s talented cousin handmade this wrought iron chandelier. The lines
were a little too clean and modern for our décor, so I be-shelled the eff out of it.
Cool stand from Mom plus vintage Pyrex = one of a kind herb planter.

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