Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lazy Summer Mud Room

This summer's mud room design inspiration came from magazine photographs of 1960s camper trailer interiors.  

A comfortable throwback reading spot.

I found a few vintage souvenir cushion covers at the thrift shop then 
made a few of my own with touristy tea towels, such as the ones above.  
The mud room had to maintain some function as a storage space,
so the table beneath the window is actually a steamer trunk full of sporting equipment.
Also for function, I had S.B. install space-saving hooks for deck chairs.

I found this ceramic lemonade dispenser at a local flea market.

The SUN YOUR BUNS ashtray is like, my favourite thing ever.

S.B. discovered several of these old tin advertising signs nailed to the ceiling of our crawl space.

This is our new sunny breakfast spot. My soon-to-be mother in law gave me an unused bistro set,
which I spruced up with a few coats of emerald green.

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