Friday, 10 January 2014

2013 Round Up! A Cavalcade Of My Favourite Vintage Finds From The Past Year

I got addicted to chairs in 2013 and this weathered gem has the perfect patina for a beach house.

S.B. talks to these salt and pepper shakers like they're his friends. We found them at a yard sale for 25 cents then found matching creamer and sugar dispensers buried under dust at a Caledonia general store.

This old gingerale crate is the perfect receptacle for winter hats and mittens.

I thought this ship lamp was too kitsch at first, but it's so unique I couldn't resist.

My mother (the original thrifter) left this mysterious, heavy, gold-painted candle holder in my Christmas stocking. I love the way the whole hand seems to glow when it's lit at night.

Speaking of Christmas, CHECK THIS OUT. I begged S.B. to drive to New Germany and help me stuff this 13ft long masterpiece into his car. Someone was selling it for a measly twenty-five bucks on kijiji because their elderly mother who owned it was going into a home. It makes me sad to think about her, but I bet she'd be pleased to know it became a joyful part of someone else's tradition.

With no sign of a hook on the back, I'm not sure what this was supposed to be originally - a tray? She's too pretty to have her kisser covered up. I hung her up in the mud room.

If you see me this winter, I'll be wearing this coat. The photo does it no justice. Think Sharon Stone in Casino. It's 70s era, made in Canada, 100% leather, has a raccoon fur hood, is warmer than any coat I've ever owned and was worn exactly 0 times before I bought it for a song.

First I painted the mirror, then I found the blue vinyl chair, then I found the folksy pillow that matches both. Some days, the vintage gods are smiling.

Not too "shabby." Total cost of all this delightful crap: $135.25. Only about a third of our holiday booze budget ;-)

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