Wednesday, 26 June 2013


A religious procession on Hvar Island.
We just happened to be sitting on the dock as it passed.

The top ten most memorable moments from mine and S.B.'s journey through Italy and Croatia:

-Sprinting through the Frankfurt airport Amazing Race-style after a series of unfortunate events. We only caught our flight by a hair.

-Getting lost in Venice. There's no better place.

-Eating the most delicious food in the world in Naples. At a famous pizza place, we ordered two huge pies and two full bottles of wine by mistake because the prices were so cheap.

-Exploring the eerie ruins of Pompeii.

-Being rocked to sleep in our bunks on the ferryboat to Croatia.

-Entering the imposing old city walls of Dubrovnik.

-Swimming nude on a deserted beach on the island of Vis.

-Having drinks in a crumbling mansion with a quirky Maltese diplomat.

-Watching the fish jump in the teeming Plitvice Lakes.

-Running into a friend at check-in at the Zagreb airport and sharing one last adventure on layover in Germany.

As wonderful as it was, I was just as excited to come back to the beach house. In my adult life, I've lived in 15 different apartments; none of them felt like home until I'd gone on a trip and then returned. This time I had that feeling times infinity. I wanted to roll around in our bed, frolic on the lawn, blast our records and drink out of all our cups. Except that I was absolutely exhausted and fell asleep the minute we walked through the door. 

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