Monday, 1 July 2013

Magic Mike Ate My Parsley!


Mike choosing his next snack.
Living in this house is a constant battle against nature. First, there's the ants who we discovered had built colonies in our walls. Then there are the giant spider webs that reform daily over our windows. Then there's the mice, including the one with the giant head with whom I had an epic day-long, Itchy and Scratchy-esque battle royal. Then came Jeremy the Weasel, who made a brief but memorable appearance, leaving behind a souvenir turd in our bedroom. And throughout all this, Magic Mike the Muskrat has been the decent one, hanging out under the shed looking cute and minding his own beeswax. Until yesterday, when he scampered up to the garden, hunkered down in the dirt and ate all my parsley in three chomps. He ignored our yelling, grinning with green stems sticking out of his teeth while I snapped a picture to show the cops.
S.B. sprinkled some cayenne pepper around, but I fear Mike is making our garden his
personal refrigerator. And I only had to google 'Muskrat Attack!' once to become more afraid of him than he is of me.
P.S. - Giant sunflower update: Sadly, the sunflowers are no more. I started the seedlings too early and the growth of the roots was stunted by the small pots. I moved them to bigger pots, but they instantly outgrew those, too. By the time I put them in the ground after last frost, they were deformed and twisted, and finally withered. Lesson learned. S.B. took it hard, as he had given them all names. Sally Sunshine, Matilda Sunshine, Tallulah Belle Sunshine...

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