Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend Project: Pretty in Pink

So, I'm driving to work when I spy this hard-done-by chair sitting on the sidewalk. It had been left out in the rain all night, seat covered in cat fur, legs that had served as the naughty cat's scratching posts for years. But it had some exquisite detail in the woodwork, and as I cringe at the idea of antiques going to the landfill, into my backseat it went.

At home, I unscrewed and removed the seat cushion before cleaning and sanding all the wood.

Next I stripped off the filthy seat fabric and reupholstered the cushion with a white bandana from my old Bandidas roller derby uniform. Then I painted the chair cotton candy pink, which surprised even me. I've never been a fan of pink, but lately I find myself intrigued by its moods. When I first found this chair, it was sort of masculine and authoritative-looking. But now...

Can I get a witness?

Since the chair and the fabric were free, altogether this project cost only the price of three coats of paint, which was on sale for $6.00.
I've never done this refurbishing stuff before. I wouldn't have had the patience for it in the past. But now I'm hooked, and I already have my next challenge...

A woman at a rummage sale gave me this for free. Apparently it came from an old church that used to stand across from Queensland Beach. I kind of hope it's haunted.

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