Monday, 29 April 2013

Fresh Catch!

I love the musical knocking sound of bamboo wind chimes. Back when I lived in England, I bought some at the market in Camden Town and have hung them at five different addresses since. I finally had to find a replacement after they got beat up in this winter's icy winds, and it wasn't easy. Most of the ones in Halifax shops are mass-produced, flimsy things. But kijiji saved the day. Look what I found! A gigantic carved wood and bamboo work of art...

This heavy sucker is 35" head to tail!

The woman who sold it to me said she bought it at a yard sale in Edmonton and hung it up back home in Hubbards. Now that she lives in the city, she hasn't got a place for it, and is happy it's returning to the water. It's funny how objects can adopt a kind of personality.  He looks happy, doesn't he? I already find myself saying hello to him in the morning.

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