Monday, 25 February 2013

Sea Glass Mystery #1!

The growing collection.

It's happened already! I have a case to solve.

Yesterday S.B. and I went beachcombing in nearby Blandford where I found a giant piece of sea glass with a bordered triangle insignia embossed in its centre. I thought it may be the bottom of an old Vicks Vaporub bottle, as the company has a similar logo, but the border around the triangle on this one is wider and flatter than those on an antique Vicks bottles.

Can you see the triangle mark?

Vintage Vicks bottle.

Due to its thickness, I now suspect this isn't the bottom of a bottle at all. I did some research and discovered that it may be part of a glass insulator used along Canadian railways and telegraph/telephone lines in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Take a look at this picture of a screw-top insulator made by the Boston Bottle Works Company:

Exciting isn't it? I'm not sure what next. Are there sea glass historians? Could a particularly keen antiques dealer date this ocean-warped artifact? Suggestions welcome.