Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 Round-Up! A Cavalcade of My Favourite Vintage Finds From the Past Year

The navy wool and silvery-white embroidery on this 1970s Moroccan beauty are so pristine, I doubt it was ever worn - which is crazy. I wear it when I'm feeling particularly sapient.
I'm on the hunt for marionettes for this handmade Czechoslovakian theatre with interchangeable backdrops and sides including a castle, cottage and creepy forest theme.
The June Carter Cash collection.
A memento of my musical debut: the original Broadway vinyl recording now framed in our living room.
I built my whole decor scheme around this 1970s teak coffee table with tile inlay. I stalked it at Finer Things Antiques for a few months and finally we went in with what we were willing to pay in hand. They accepted, and we've been making up stories about where it came from ever since.
I found these in a larger box of gems and bought the whole thing. At 49 cents each and nary a scratch, I was so grateful I'd been standing in the right spot when a thrift store worker came out carrying these from the back room.
I popped into a wonderful curios boutique where my parents live in Bear River because I had a feeling my Janis Joplin halloween costume might be waiting there. Sometimes I think I invent things with my mind, because this dashiki dress is precisely what I was seeking.
I bought this fur hat at Dressed in Time and embellished it with feathers and flowers. It was part of my Halloween get-up but since has become my Doctor Zhivago winter hat.
I picked up this bit of childhood nostalgia at a flea market for only $5!
Early 80s Ikea bar courtesy of kijiji (Cocktails & Dreams light purchased online).
This one gives me chills. A recording of Alden Nowlan reading his poetry was quite a find. But to discover that the poet himself owned this copy--and inked a self-portrait on the back--was mind-blowing.
This children's Canadian history book with gorgeous folk art illustrations was in a pile at a library fundraiser at the Tatamagouche farm market.

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