Thursday, 14 March 2013

Vintage Cheese Boards

The first one was out of necessity. The second one I justified by saying, well, it's only $2, and if I use one for cheese, crackers and grapes, I can stick cured meats and olives on the other. By the third, I just have to admit I'm just becoming a cute cheese board collector. Sue me. 

This one came with the original cheese knife, which clips on to the board so
I don't tear the kitchen apart trying to find it in a drunken, cussing, pre-party frenzy.

Sometimes I put toothpicks where the knife is supposed to go. Naughty.

I think the handles are for the kind of hostess who actually walks around
serving guests, saying thing like, "I'm so pleased you all made it over to play
Bridge with us this evening" rather than those who yell from the sofa,
"Grub's over there. Don't forget to put your keys in the bowl!" 

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